Smoothworks for Trade Businesses

We help businesses with technicians in the field work more efficiently, make more money and deliver better service to their customers.

Our solutions work for plumber, electricians, gardeners, HVAC/Mechanical Services and many other trade businesses.

Common Challenges for Trade Businesses

Your time is a major limiting factor. We see business owners taking responsibility for too many aspects of their business because the processes are inside their heads. This hands-on management style forces you to work ridiculous hours and sets a hard limit on how many staff members you can employ.

You do too much admin work.If you’re too busy sending quotes, generating invoices and reconciling your accounts, you’re probably not doing enough of the things that only YOU can do.
This includes keeping customers happy, finding new business and spending time with your family.

Dealing with phone calls. Phone calls create problems either way – If you answer them you have to down tools, if you let them go to voicemail you lose the business, and that’s assuming it’s a customer calling….
Because you advertise your business, telemarketers have any easy time finding you to waste your time.

Buying poor quality leads. We all know the sites that help consumers get quotes from tradies. Make no mistake, consumers are their customers and you are their product.

This is why they don’t qualify leads, and then sell each one to at least 3 tradies.

Between tyre-kickers and the jobs lost on price, you will do an average of 6 quotes for every job that you win. If you value your time, you will soon realise that the real cost of acquiring a job is between $700 and $1,100!

Our Services

Simplify and improve your business processes

By simplifying and improving the way your business runs, you’ll be able to delegate a lot of the work that can only be done by you right now.

Not only does this save money, it also allows you to work smarter so you can manage a larger team (or spend more time with your family).

Implement software solutions

We can improve your quoting, production, scheduling and finances.

This allows you to deliver every job on time and on budget, while reducing your admin overhead.

Help you get better leads

If you’re buying leads it may be costing you more than you realise. In fact, when you factor in the cost of quoting all the jobs you didn’t get you may find that you’re actually spending up to $1000 in hidden costs for each paying job.

You CAN do better. We can help you find customers that are close to home, well qualified and THE LEADS BELONG TO YOU.

convert phone enquiries into bookings

Our Australian staff are friendly and understand trade businesses. They can qualify your enquiries, book your jobs properly (accounting for travel time and assigning the right technician for the job), and enter the customer and job details into your job management system.

Your customers will love them!

Case Study - Adelaide Hills Appliance Service

I’ve been running an appliance repair business in the Adelaide Hills for over 15 years. Before I got in touch with Smoothworks I was using paper job cards, my quotes and invoices were paper-based and I was double-entering my transactions into my accounting package. I was also losing money from poor follow-up on quotes and unpaid invoices.
Smoothworks solved my problems by implementing simple job-management software, a mobile payment solution, and a lead-generation campaign to get me more work.

I am now saving over 1 hour every day on administrative tasks and getting an extra 3 to 4 jobs per week done in the same amount of time. My customers now pay their bills on the spot and I’m winning more jobs because I’m following them up properly.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria

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